Quantum Computing

Semester Map, MS Degree Quantum Computing

F4PHY510(3)/ 610(3)PHY525(3)/ 670(3)MTH513(4)    7/10
S4PHY625(3)PHY580(3) PHY680(3)PHY570(3)PHY575(3)PHY530(3)  9
summerPHY577(4)      4
F5PHY510(3)/ 610(3)PHY525(3)/ 670(3)PHY591(3)PHY576(3)MTH462(3)  6/9
S5 PHY580(3)/ PHY680(3) PHY591(3)MTH451(3)  6
TOTAL       38

Admission requirements: GRE and advanced test recommended; bachelor’s degree with major in physics or closely related discipline. A grade of “B” or better in a rigorous quantum mechanics course is required.

Program requirements: PHY 510 or 610, 525, 530, 570, 575, 576, 577, 580, 591, 670, 680 MTH 513. The student will complete 30 credits, of which no more than six may be below the 500 level. This is a non-thesis program which requires that at least one course will require a substantial paper involving significant independent study, and the student must pass a final written and oral examination.

Green Courses are recommended but not required, depending on student’s background.

MTH141/142 Calculus1&2,  MTH243/244 Multi-Variable Calculus/ Differential equations, MTH215 Linear Algebra,  MTH 418 Matrix Analysis,  MTH/CSC447 Discrete Math, 

MTH451 Probability and Statistics, MTH462 Functions of a Complex Variable,

MTH472 Numerical Linear Algebra, MTH 513 Linear Algebra

PHY203/204/205 Introductory Physics,  PHY306 Modern Physics,  PHY410 Computational Physics, PHY331 E&M,  PHY322 Mechanics, PHY451/570/670 Quantum, PHY381/382 Junior lab,  PHY525/625 Statistics, PHY455/580/680 Condensed Matter, PHY530 E&M

PHY575 Introductory Quantum Computing, PHY576 Advanced Quantum Computing, PHY577 Quantum Computing Lab/Internship.